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Capital Chronicle is a niche site with unique hits in the low thousands per week and typically 50%-75% more page loads than that. Its page rank oscillates between 3 and 5.

It was recognised as one of Onalytica's 200 Most Influential Economics Blogs in 2012.

Readership is international (40% US, 35% European Union, 25% Rest of the World) and split roughly 60% private, 30% professional finance and 10% other professional, including a noticeable academic presence.

The site's posts are regularly picked up by the financial press (some clippings are below) although not always for its main style of article: this has been by far the most popular and viral post this year. It has been cited in the WSJ’s MarketBeat, the Financial Times, FT Alphaville, the Daily Telegraph Business Blog, the Guardian’s Market Forces Live blog and even the Sun (if borrowing the Fernandel photo and caption from here counts); and there has been liberal borrowing of the CC Société Générale management flowchart tool.

The Times went so far as to name Capital Chronicle one of the 50 Best Business Blogs which is kind but possibly more indicative of the tight deadlines Times journalists must suffer.

Some press mentions (NB: this list is not being updated after summer 2011):
WSJ Marketbeat:
13 March 2008

Telegraph Market Forces:
17 March 2008
30 January 2008
7 March 2007

FT Alphaville
14 July 2011: "Further reading: Monkeys with guns?"
16 December 2010: "Further reading: Here come the Sans-culottes"
20 January 2010: "Further reading: Mind the gap in inflation"
19 January 2010: "Further reading: Le bonus modéré: liberté, égalité, fraternité"
15 January 2010: "Counterfeit statistics"
20 October 2009: "Chasing (and losing) insiders"
20 October 2009: "Further reading: The Galleon prosecution is a leaf taken from the syllabus of the Genghis Khan School of Market Administration"
.30 September: "Further Reading: The BNP Paribas timeline"
10 July 2009: "Further Reading: the mystery of PIMCO and the PPIP
22 April 2009: "World's 50 'safest' banks"
9 April 2009: "Further reading: Credit crises of the Caribbean"
18 March '09:"Of rubies and RBS"
21 January '09: ''Further Reading: UK banking secotr: all civil servants soon''
31 October: "Further reading: Baltic Dry Index: and all the boards did shrink"
15 October: "Further reading: C'mon trade the noise"
2 October: "France, pourquoi la ruée?"
2 October: "Further reading: The Hanke Panke"
25 September: "Further reading: ...this is the harder stuff..."
4 July 2008: Code-name “Badger” - the B&B rescue effort
23 May 2008: "More on the Baltic Dry"
30 April 2008: "Further reading: Exhibit 1, Wheat volatility..."
18 April 2008: "Le subprime"
14 March 2008
6 December 2007
19 October 2007
18 July 2007

Guardian Market Forces live5 June 2008
11 March 2008

Fairplay Shipping News (Lloyds register)21 June 2007: Capesize market hogs the limelight

The Times

50 best business blogs (13 June 2007)

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