Canadian contact Tattva returns for the New Year

A New Year brings with it many new desires. But since Alzahr will censor any such talk I will stick to financial matters.

My own area of expertise is Canadian real estate and the mortgage / loan markets. In fact, Tattva is licensed to arrange loans as well as thrill (I would link to some of my more titillating postings but let's stay on topic).

To keep Alzahr happy and help get the Financial House of Tattva on a good footing for future success I will be devoting more time to financial writings rather than my more comic misadventures. Given this and Accrual's thrusting start to the year, this blog may appear at times to be more of the Accrual and Tattva show. In which case we will both be looking for a piece of the action (Accrual), and a piece of financial rewards from any future syndication (Tattva).

The draft of this article went on and on eventually starting discussion of the topics listed below (I thought I would mention that to Alzahr). However, due to me becoming nearly as long winded as Alzahr I will end by detailing some of the future discussion topics:

1) Personal view on stock investment versus pay down of debt;

2) Tracking Canadian interest rate movements, and whether now is the time to go for a long-term fixed mortgage as opposed to the increasingly popular variable option;

3) General prospects for Canadian (really Toronto and GTA) housing markets and whether now is the time to consider rental investment options;

4) What these rental investment options are;

5) My adventures in the Mortgage Agent business; and

6) Finally, any thing Canadian the readers may wish to ask.

Until next time.

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