"Can you guess what it is yet?"

Monday, February 28, 2005 | 0 comments »

Accrual writes, with apologies to Rolf Harris:

They manufacture in a high cost country.

Competition is strong, with fleet-footed Japanese and a few Europeans are after them.

Shipments have grown from low 10’s of thousands in 1983 to 317,000 in 2004.

Revenues in 2004 were $5.02bn, Op Income was in excess of $1.3bn and net income was $890m.

19 consecutive (record) years of growth.

Company strengths – their people love the product, customer loyalty is phenomenal (repurchase decisions >95%), every dealer runs a "club".

Have you guessed it yet? The only apparent down side last year (and this is a personal gripe to whoever said share options were free) was that they repurchased 10.6m shares for $564m, or more than twice their capital expenditure of $213m.

A prize, to be determined, to the first reader who guesses correctly [Editor: yeah, right].

[Editor: DeLorean Motor Company, surely?]

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