Clearly, the CGI management decided time was precious when they whipped up this jewel:

CGI Holdings mission (18 words)
"Providing the highest level of service available to their clients, while maintaining unmatched customer service and retention."
Short. Sweet. Unrevealing. But if the management insist on nearly quadrupling stockholders' returns (52 week stock price change +388%), so be it.

Other boards, however, take the time to craft and re-craft a mission statement worthy of the name.

Converium Holding AG mission (60 words)
"We are an international multi-line reinsurer that satisfies our clients' business needs by excelling at analyzing, assuming and managing risks. In an ethical and responsible manner we provide:

* sustainable value growth for our shareholders,
* excellent service for our customers and intermediaries,
* a fulfilling work environment for our employees,
* a spirit of shared responsibility within our community"

Deserving. Comprehensive. But becoming, from somewhere around word 35, a compelling argument in favour of euthanasia. Much like the stock price action (52 week change -82%).

Readers are invited to email in favourite "missions" and "visions" for a future posting.

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