CC's UK correspondent writes:

Retailing gloat:
It was with a small sense of pride to read in Patience Wheatcroft's column in the Times that, yes, there was a retailing recession; that vacancy signs were appearing in high streets up and down the land; and that businesses were beginning to go bust and things were hard out there. Well, what a surprise. Remember, you read it all here first three months ago.

L.K. Bennett:
So Ms Bennett, 42 outlets (of which 9 are store implants), a woeful website and a design team are really worth £75m? It shouldn't have escaped your notice that sales are probably stalling / shrinking as we speak and that the moment to sell has already passed. The purported £50m that was apparently turned down this week will seem like riches from heaven in a couple of years!

The Prudential:
"You can't be too Prudential" used to be the slogan of Prudential PLC, the UK insurer and fund manager. With the abrupt demise of Jonathan Bloomer last week the jot hopes that new boy Mark Tucker (due in harness on 6 May) will take an axe to Bloomer's protégé who could do no wrong - Paul Gratton. Gratton, the Egg "Chief Executive", managed to lose over £200m (!!!!) in two years on the Egg operation in France. Roll on the day! And, please, no outlandish break fees...

Taking the proverbial?
By the way, I see that Grant Thornton in the UK have taken to using premium rate numbers (0870) in some of their offices. Taking the pee or what? Still, you have to admire their brass neck!

Jottings installment II follows tomorrow...

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