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Malcolm Glazer appears to have completely messed up on the timing of his purchase: the UK economy is heading for a down turn; Man U are not what they were; and there must be a worry about how long present manager Alex Ferguson will stick around.

[Here follows a paragrpah of gratuitous editorial spin]

And there's still, of course, no word yet on Ricky Hatton's availability as either manager or midfield enforcer (with a concerned Roy Keane apparently pondering contesting Ricky mano a mano for both posts if necessary).

[Resumption of normal service]

Glazer has loaded-up the company with £745m of stupendous debt. Yet Manchester United's turnover is, what, £175m? Servicing the debt will cost at least £50m annually (ie over £135k per day).

You have to hand it to the former key shareholders Messrs Magnier and McManus. They've walked off, hand in hand into the sunset, with a £90m gain. Not bad by anyone's standards.

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