MD, fresh from swimming with dolphins in the Med, writes...

After a brief summer break the jot is back, crosser than ever. Well, nearly.

Your scribe has recently enjoyed two weeks in southern Spain on the Costa del Sol. Or the Costa del Golf, as it likes to style itself. Personally, I like to think of it as the Costa del Bling. For those who've never been, Marbella apparently has more Rolls-Royces than anywhere bar London. I can certainly vouch for this: Bentleys, Porsches and the like are two a' penny. Where else did you last see a top of the range Mercedes with Russian plates tooling around? Ditto as the place to see and been seen you can hardly beat Puerto Banus where scantly dressed (even if apparently fully clothed) women of all ages abound.

The region has a little bit of a reputation for hot money with stories aplenty of Russians turning up with suitcases stuffed with dollars and euros; I know of an individual who only a couple of weeks ago was due to start work on a building project and was rung the weekend before the start of the job - "Don't bother turning up on Monday - your employer is in gaol!"

However, like the weather some things never change. England, sad to say, have just been whipped in the 1st Test by the Aussies (Editor: but they have started the 2nd well this am) and the Windies are down and out in Sri Lanka.

Latest opinions to follow shortly.

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