There have been a few unexpected referrals to this site but none more so than the google search for “chopstick market in Turkey” which returned CC in top spot.

Initially, this was nearly reason enough to short Google. Then, downtime and curiosity begged the question, just what could possibly be so interesting about chopsticks as to merit a google? The Top Five CC answers reveal an unsuspected richness to the utensil's character belied by the words "chop" and "stick":

  1. Chopstick etiquette in China demands that the palm face down or else the diner will be considered vulgar (source, Wikipedia).
  2. Japan consumes 200 pairs of chopsticks per capita per year (source, Washington Post).
  3. Singapore Medical Association members Leung, Poon and Lo considered death by chopstick from both “a clinical and cultural perspective” in their published paper Chopsticks and Suicide (source, Singapore Medical Journal 1995 vol. 36, no. 1, pp 90-91).
  4. In a gesture to environmentalists, China imposed a 5% export tax on chopstick producers in May this year. Exporters responded by raising prices 30%
  5. Reacting to these developments, a spokesman for the Japan Chopstick Import Association (yes, really) said, “We are not in an emergency situation yet” (source AP).
To the recent emailers with the kind words about the site, apologies. This is the last time chopsticks will be studied (even if the Mercantile Exchange establishes a contract for them).

Enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Anonymous // 10/04/2006 03:19:00 PM

    Adams San
    It is sad that the Sushi is so bad that we Japanese are consuming 200 pairs of chopsticks instead.

    This sad state of affairs has also contributed to increased deaths by chopstick.

    Tanaka San

    And thank you for stating that you will not be referring to these unfortunate facts again!

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