This was the thoughtful comment from IBEX Salad* when it comes to equity analysts recommending sales; and it is indeed a larger space than first glance reveals.

So here is a sop along the lines of yesterday's graph-without-a-speech. No predictions, mind. But if admirers of shipping-exposed companies like Clarksons plc, Frontline, General Maritime, Teekay or little emerging market choices such as Precious decided this was a reason to buy it would be unusual decision making.

Exhibit A: Baltic Dry Index vs US 10 Yr bond rates

The shift to bonds is not compelling. But it will cost maritime volume if it continues; and the Baltic Dry Index is in turn a useful proxy of global economic activity. Not to mention ship brokers' and shippers' prospects.

*Where else can one see the olive oil futures markets as applied at the grove-face?

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  1. Charles Butler // 3/12/2007 08:33:00 PM

    Response posted.


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