Dexia (DEXB.BT) thoughtfully are watching out for their owners' and clients' blood pressure on this one. (translation required for non Flemmish/Dutch readers) today reports that despite claiming an initial loss of €108m from fraudulent bond trader activity in 2001 Dexia, the Belgian retail bank, actually bathed to the tune of €300m.

According to Dow Jones Newswires, company spokeswoman Ulrike Pommée said Dexia wished to make no further comment because:

"This is an historic event"

The scribe assumes Mevr. Pommée was not highlighting the bank's prowess at stealthily tripling its losses; so either something was lost in translation or a better form of words is required to explain that Dexia accounted for the losses between 2000 and 2004.

Either way, hardly something worth bothering account holders or equity owners with, is it?

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