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Friday, July 30, 2004

Regretfully, all small cap research on hold...

Small Cap Research Index:

Please refer to the 'Investment Approach' to see how a company qualifies to appear here. These are not recommendations for readers: but they are intended to be something better than the top level summaries frequently found in the media. By design it is a 'prospect & watch' list.

There are indications from some stock market message boards and forums that are directing readers here that quarterly updates to the US list would be welcomed. If you are such a reader please email and I'll start putting a mailing list together. With enough numbers it'll be feasible.

Otherwise the assumption is biannual revisits.

US Physical Therapy, Inc (added 25 April, 2008)
Kendle International, Inc (added 17 April, 2008)
North American Galvanizing & Coatings, Inc (added 9 April, 2008)


Diploma plc (added 3 April, 2008)
Education Development International plc (added 27 March, 2008)
Ascribe plc (added 28 March, 2008)

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