Is it curious, in the absence of any regulatory or other announcement, that a share with an average trading volume of 250k per quarter experiences 4 times that in the last 2 hours of trade on a single day? Moreover, many of these late trades appear not to have even made the cut for recording before close.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Adventis plc, up 5.6% on a Friday where clairvoyant confidence in next week’s (probably) trading update (or other, perhaps) knows few bounds.

It so happens that the scribe also has great confidence in this business. Just not confidence of the Sure Thing variety.

Steward's inquiry?

NB: Author holds Adventis plc equity

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  1. Charles Butler // 7/06/2007 08:52:00 PM

    Check out this one.

    The spike last Feb was 23% of the float and approximately equal to the sum of all prior trading since the year 2000.

    Viva Vancouver!

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