When Robert Cray wrote that line he did not have fixed income markets in mind. In fact, the scribe is fairly certain no blues songs cover the topic. Which is one reason why the world has blues-man convert Jim "Where'd my Groove Go" Cramer.

The scribe has shared carefully selected, little known but useful management tips here before. And here is another: when you’re in deep shit, it’s best to keep your mouth shut**.

Mr Cramer acknowledges the merits of this tip. Shortly before ignoring it in the following CNBC-sponsored missive which may be described as truly entertaining (whatever one’s own assessment). Is it worth asking where the market pro ends and the tv-loid journalist begins?

"Riverdance" Chuck's insights at this point would be wonderful. Immense balance sheet over there, true. But what does Mr Prince make of dicier balance sheets where lending commitments overshadow the capital base? You know – like Merrill Lynch’s and the rest of the Big Five US investment banks.

The Fed decision and minutes next Tuesday are looking unmissable.

*Given Mr Cramer's history, the scribe wanted to call this post "About that buying opportunity". But casting the first stone is not honest.

**Not, ahem, offered as a life philosophy.

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