1. British Land pulled their attempted sale of the £1.7bn Meadowhall shopping centre in Newcastle. The firm said "the uncertainty in financial markets has made the prospect of realising an appropriate value unlikely". The appropriate price in question would have equated to a yield of 4.6% in what is an unsettled UK commercial property market. Swiss psychiatrist Mrs Kübler-Ross inadvertently did some pertinent economic work on this sort of decision in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying”. A graphic summary:

  2. Big Rugby World Cup weekend and a wistful reminder that the hair quota has again been cut with the exit of Tonga and Finau Maka. It might have been so different – Maka plays professionally in France (Toulouse) and is also a French citizen. That raised the possibility of a hirsute mafia of Maka and Sébastien “Cro Magnon” Chabal both being selected by French coach Bernard Laporte. Didn’t happen and the scribe can’t help but wonder what might have been…

  3. Skivers’ Paradise, also known as Facebook. Mooted price tag of $10bn. Ad click throughs negligible. Alternative revenue models yet to be dreamed up and proven by Steve Ballmer (or whoever). Steve. Baby. It’s a no-brainer: this thing could be as big as Friendster and Geocities. Combined. Back up the truck.

  4. Joga bonita: simulation or crippling, wheelchair foul in the Interbank Lending Crisis Cup Final? This recording of the Financial Select 11 versus the Market Dynamic Squad lets you review the controversial sending off call of the MDS fullback Bill Poole for his tackle on striker Jim Cramer. Were referee Bernanke and (look carefully) his linesman assistant Mr Trichet correct?

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  1. Macro Man // 10/05/2007 05:26:00 PM

    Jim Cramer as Jurgen Klinsmann...brilliant! Get your opponents (and Argie defender or a Fed infflation hawk) sent off through an over-the-top display of "pain" that makes the neutral cringe, then stroll your way to fame, fortune and victory against an emasculated opposition. Nice win for the 'Cocks last night....

  2. RJH Adams // 10/05/2007 05:51:00 PM

    Let me just put Jim in there formally with a small edit...

    Jurgen is the Man. I thought the post dive writhing was inspired; but perhaps it's the physios who really merit the Grammys...

    College ball: nice work indeed; strong D, new QB and rain all helped. Highlights if you have not seen them (hoping the link does not truncate):


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