The judges gave mixed reviews to the competitors this week. Bruno Tonioli felt that the European Central Bank and the Bank of England fell out of step and utterly spoiled their rumba:
“Jean Claude, you were masculine and powerful – a French Valentino tonight. And there is little sexier than a younger man dancing with an older woman. But the Old Lady is just too afraid of it. 6!”
Arlene Phillips had this to say of ABN Amro and the Royal Bank of Scotland:
“It was the most disturbing jive I have ever witnessed – at times it looked like the proverbial caricatured Dutchman and Scot fighting over bonus pennies rather than dancing. 5!”
Len Goodman, like all the judges, found pleasure in Northern Rock’s tango with its many partners:
“You could teach us all a thing or two about dirty dancing. It was frenetic, raunchy, passionate stuff - sizzle and sausage! 10!”
Craig Revel Horwood thought that BHP Billiton and Rio had plenty of work to do to make their samba work:
“Marius, you show a freedom of expression not present in Tom’s strangely camp and passive performance. But you’ll need to improve your posture, energy and sex appeal to draw Tom out and make this a really horny routine. 2!”
And everyone was in agreement regarding the Viennese Waltz of departing competitors Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Safeway, Robert Wiseman, Arla, Lactallis McLelland, Dairy Crest and the Cheese Group:
“Passionate about lowering prices? You did well to maintain your hold until that end bit when you were badly found out. Still, a majestic routine in its own way - but hardly fresh or romantic. You made Charlie Prince look like Fred Astaire.”
Have a grand week-end. In the meantime, US viewers can check out our stateside version, Financing with the Stars.

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