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You may have noticed; over in days. Hopefully.

In the meantime, while some parts and links may look live(ly) they may merely be resting pending completion and, in some cases, explanation.

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  1. Jim Donovan // 3/22/2008 09:32:00 PM

    I like the new look

  2. RJH Adams // 3/22/2008 10:56:00 PM


  3. Macro Man // 3/24/2008 09:14:00 PM

    Ay caramba! You've up and gone all...all...professional and slick looking on us! Given the comment about the rationale for seeking advertising, I wonder if it isn't time to form some sort of "Blog Widow Support Group" for our other halves...?

    In any event, like the revamp, love the new logo (and the prospect of more regular posting). Well done!

  4. RJH Adams // 3/24/2008 09:26:00 PM

    Lol - you've spotted the rationale in one with the blog widow comment: if I can finance a monthly meal (for two and not at Quick or McDo) there might be no need for therapy at all...

    Thanks for the comments - would you believe people give away these templates for nothing? (check footer links). But it's the content that will count (a romantic notion these days) and you and Cassandra are two who are out in front on that.

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