Le Monde has a tidy series of articles covering what it identifies as the six themes of the current global economic crises here with accompanying graphs.

One of these ties usefully back to the earlier post + wheat comments on food prices:

Exhibit 1: Wheat volatility, volume and supply vs demand

And while I'm at it, their subprime scorecard is useful to. Though why they would want to single out the UK banks with the lower graphic is curious - don't the landesbanks deserve a share of the spotlight too? And, while it may not be subprime exactly, Spain's banks have a few issues of their own.

Add those latter two together and don't bother looking for a Teutonic bail out of EU brethren if things really go pear-shaped.

Exhibit 2: Global bank subprime impairments and UK mortgage deal volume by value

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  1. Anonymous // 4/29/2008 09:45:00 PM

    It might be nice if the Teutons and the rest did lend a hand. It was, after all, the property bubble that kept the masses of illegals that rowed across the Straits (sorry, we simplify for effect) from winding up elsewhere, as in 'further north' - without a peep from the EU until very late in the game (when a very frustrated Zapatero gave resident papers to anyone who could show a Madrid bus pass).

    One way they could help out would be to line up for the 10 yr mortgage-backed's, covering 30 year loans, that start to roll in earnest in 2010, say.

    We'd ask you to help, but you have an outstanding debt to worry about.


  2. RJH Adams // 4/29/2008 10:48:00 PM

    Grief, where are the terms of that bet...surely I left myself a get-out. Mind, the terms are agreeable either way (bar bragging rights).

  3. Charles Butler // 4/30/2008 09:41:00 AM


  4. RJH Adams // 4/30/2008 09:54:00 AM

    Excellent! Locals here also say "parler le français comme une vache espagnole" and I'm not certain they were not referring to me...

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