Warning: venal weekend entry...

Amongst the many things I used to look forward to as an undergrad in the USA at the start of each academic year were the free samples and offers from companies looking to curry favour with future, gainfully employed, money spenders.

Two of the most sought after items of freeness came from the Wall Street Journal and BMG (the latter along the lines of ‘a million music cds when you agree to buy none’). BMG limited its offer to one per individual but still fell for the odd request from “Mr Archie Pelago” and “Ms Gee Raff”. The statute of limititations permits sheepish admission that that's how Oingo Boingo got into my collection.

To cut a long story short, Capital Chronicle partners with Netline Corporation who offer such deals on specialist trade publications. I am not going to embark on a hard sell here; I consider it a better than good deal; but readers can love it or leave it.

The complimentary (or trial) offers include The Economist, CFO, Business Week, Financial Week, Treasury & Risk, The Deal, Accounting Today, Broker, Global Finance, Investment Advisor, Traders and Schaeffer’s Options Advisor - amongst many more. Netline assure that there is no hidden "junk mail" agenda once signed up.

The relevant blurb "Free finance magazines” is on this page and the click-through goes to the full catalogue which covers finance and several other specialties too.

Note that the system works by geographic location and is designed to exclude Archie Pelagos: the Financial News, for example, will not send you a free sub if you are not a pension fund trustee, manager or sponsor situated in North America or Europe.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Anonymous // 4/26/2008 10:55:00 PM

    The free research offered by IIR Groups research oracle is well worth a look too ;


    Already included as one of Capital Chronicles tools I notice & a very useful one at that.

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