April Fool’s in France means the avoidance of a poisson d’avril. If you have children and occasion to lament their attention span, it is a marvel to witness the planning and preparation of the poissons. There is, for some reason, a special motivation in being able to pin these drawings (intricately executed) on ‘friends’ thereby triggering great rejoicing in their humiliation as ‘poissons d’avril’.

I speak as a victim, reduced to vulnerability by a daughter wanting to give me a hug (how sweet). She unhugged and departed (entirely straight faced, the conniving little cow), less one colourful fish labelled ‘See you at lunchtime, Daddy’ now affixed to my back. I then proceeded to post office, bank and so forth thus attired.

At left is a foldable model my eldest boy also tried to pin on me. He failed having ceded first mover advantage to his sister. But I liked the design so much I called it ‘leverage', have pinned it above my desk and am thinking of sending copies to UBS. Amongst others.

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