Livres Hebdo (sub required) have announced the release for 8 September of:

Sample extracts:

"Tomorrow I’ll take it easy. I’ll place 200 million on a Death Index tracker backed by either a future, a warrant or maybe an interest rate swap. It all depends on how my concierge greets me in the morning. If he says “Not at all hot for summer”, I’ll buy the upside on the DAX for 20 billion. Otherwise I’ll bet on a drop."

7h21 : The moron. He said “I put my heating back on” What do I do? Compromise and I could lose 10 billion. The guy just doesn’t realise that with these guesstimates France could lose a quarter point of GDP growth. It's always the same with the man in the street – a lot of talk, a lot of complaining but when it comes to decision making, then there's nobody home.

If it's got you in stiches pre-order it from FNAC here (in French only).

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  1. Anonymous // 7/16/2008 05:26:00 PM

    it seems very funny. Do they have the right to do such a thing in France ?


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