On return from a fabulous trip to the south west of France a fresh copy “Global Finance” was waiting on the doorstep.

It is the first time I have read the magazine for which I took a free, promotional subscription via the RevResponse service written of here in April and May. The cover story on carbon trading alone is worth the read; but much of the rest of the issue, particularly the timely "Focus" section on events unfolding in Turkey, was valuable.

I write this plug to show that the RevResponse service works as promised: one can get useful finance (or other) magazines without paying and without subjecting oneself to endless email or snail mail spam.

If there is a catch it is this - subscribers to the free offers must be professionals of the industry served by the magazine in question. Other than that, the system works by geographic location. Some publishers will not make offers outside their target areas. The Deal and The Economist (trial) for example, will not send free subscriptions outside the USA.

But several others have international offerings including, for example, World Oil and Risk & Insurance.

The full catalogue is here; and the international eligible section is here. Alternatively, the 'Free Resource Center' widget promoting the service in the middle column of this site can be used to the same end.

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