1. Decoupling. The art of rationalising overweight positions in Asia
  2. “Our funding position is satisfactory” is now up there with “the cheque is in the mail”
  3. Bank and financial house mergers: if you tie two bricks together will they float?
  4. If you are going to invade Georgia, timing is everything
  5. Maybe buying the dollar wasn’t such a great trade after all
  6. What’s $85bn between friends anyway? Central planning has its attractions after all, comrades.
  7. It’s surely a cold day in hell when an American investment banker like John Mack decides shorts are the root of Morgan Stanley’s problems.
  8. AIG: the Fed puts the ‘hospital’ into ‘hospitality’ as AIG discovers what losing your no-claims bonus feels like
  9. Lehman: this is the way the market is supposed to work
  10. At least one guy thought Wednesday 16 September was a “Great” day: Ford chief Mulally was euphoric at the thought of the auto industry’s $25bn bailout. Wait - I misspeak - the Mulally word is “enabler”.

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