Run a blog/diary/website long enough and you get peppered with offers to be an ‘affiliate’ (or worse). These are usually for not terribly helpful products. Sometimes, though, it is not all dross (eg those free finance magazine offers).

And here is another offer that, unfortunately, is not free when it comes to the best features available. The service is called Marketclub.

Although there are free bits to it like the blog, DJ News headlines and free 'educational' TV (plus the inevitable sales chatter emanating off the site) the best tools by far are the premium scanners – especially the Smart Scan tool.

I use this service - they agreed to let me test it prior to talking about it - and I’m fairly certain there are not many investors/traders cheaper than me when it comes to data. An annual sub is $449.

I don’t do hard sell and I'm certainly not about to cover all the bells and whistles. For more detail just click on the icon below to go to their home page and then click again on the "What you get" tab to see the main product offering page.

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