The AIG saga rolls on. It has been gnawing away at me: where did it go wrong? Was there a sign?

Thinking back now it's obvious. It began in early 2008 with James Bond telling me to buy face cream. Que?

Yet consider the subliminal messages:

  • "There comes a time when you've got to invest for the future" = the system will COLLAPSE without this bailout
  • "Vita-Lift Double Lifting moisturiser" = one shot of taxpayers' money may not be enough
  • "Wrinkles appear reduced" = wrinkles appear reduced
  • "Skin feels tautened" = skin feels tautened
  • "The future of your skin is in your hands" = you are toast if you don't buy in
  • "You're worth it" = You're not. I am

The New York Times put these points to those involved and got this:

"A spokeswoman for the Fed declined to comment. A spokeswoman for the Treasury did not return a call for comment. A spokesman for A.I.G. declined to comment."

Which is not entirely dissimilar to the responses drawn by the Bloomberg inquiry after old stock of the initial product - Vita-Lift Single Lifting moisturiser - was tried in September:

Fed: "What AIG did with its money, you should call AIG"

Treasury: "The Fed had the lead on this one: It's their loan. I don't know how I could be more clear.''

AIG: declined further comment

Got to laugh. Pending arrival of Vita-Lift Triple Lifting moisturiser.

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