Off the usual topic but it would be remiss to let this pass.

Much coverage of the rumour, subsequently categorically denied by the French Government, that Christine Kelly is set to become the Overseas Minister. So far, so routine.

Ms Kelly, a television journalist/presenter, also happens to be good to look at. Which is how, on an educated guess from this le Figaro piece, she got her break into journalism in the first place many years ago (doubtful that the degree in maths & physics assisted). Since then she has build a strong journalistic track record particularly on issues concerning women, minorities and the disabled. She is, through hard work, professional and cultivée.

However, the some of the international press - ably led by the UK - has spun this appointment-to-government story further than Shane Warne. The Telegraph claims:

"she is as well known for appearing in bikinis as suits" (link)

and even managed to splash this on its front page with an appropriate photo. Sky News manage to go one worse and define her and her entire career with the words "bikini babe". Same photo. I pass over the coverage in the Sun (same photo) and Daily Mail (same photo).

Try a google image search, either for the purposes of research or titillation, and see if the angle they all take on the story is accurate - or even the usual clever headline contortion. Strange that - it's the only photo the UK dailies could find. But, in the long media tradition of some sections of the popular media, just sell the papers.

Fathers of daughters, as lightened up and cynical as the next guy that I am, this is simple misogyny - not the prima facie opposite - lurking beneath a cloak of "humour".

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