If you have ever bought or sought property in France you will know that a curiously large number of apartments are described as "appartement d'exception" whilst an equally inordinate number of houses enjoy the description "maison d'architecte" (Ed: what other kind are there?).

Whatever, neither version are doing too well just now. French site e24.com reports one lender has begun producing analysis aimed not at telling owners how much money they may make but how little they will lose depending on what city they live in.

Concurrently, a national network of property agents (ORPI) held a press briefing a couple of days ago covering the state of play and the results of their survey of buyer intentions. The first part is not exactly the stuff bonus commissions are made of and the second offers a few hints that buyers may not have entirely accepted the probability that the market will worsen materially from here.

Full presentation here with three excerpts below:

Chart 1: French GDP yoy % growth

Chart 2: French new build data by quarter

Chart 3: Existing residential property price per square metre and yoy % trend

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