A few notable weekend items ahead of another busy week...

1.) Even MPs get the blues

Apparently you get the government you deserve if you insist on subsidising their Virgin Media adult film cable television packages. A quote from the Daily Mail's report:

"Jacqui was not there when these films were watched. She's furious and mortified."

Not entirely certain how to interpret that but it was definitely the most, erm, eye catching detail, though not the most outrageous, from Mrs Smith's expense claims.

2). G20 Party great value at £19m

UK Junior Minister Mark Malloch-Brown quoted from a "web-chat" last Friday:

"This cost compares favourably to other international summits, a number of which have cost many times more than this in recent years. And if it is the signal of restored confidence in the world economy it’ll be worth every penny of it. Remember, as a national community, we’ve already spent more than $2 trillion on fiscal stimulus measures." (link)

So what's the little matter of £19m more towards the cause, eh? Still, Mr Malloch-Brown was a bit less bullish about it all last week, though, when not talking directly to tax-payers:

"If indeed we get anodyne committee conclusions where all substance has been taken out of them, the markets on April 3 will be something of a disaster zone, I have no doubt." (link)

Probably not bursting any bubbles here but might Mr Malloch-Brown be over estimating the importance and expectations financial markets are attaching to this particular posturing exercise?

3). Perhaps France will save everyone from the Credit Crisis this way...

And, yes, they did it since publication. 25 years to fully qualify seems a tad long but presumably the cultural clashes (like polygamy) will be phased out along a similar timeline.

4.) And finally, a bit of a spanking from the 3rd ODI

Yes, far better than the entertainment of the 4th ODI.

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