Admittedly on partly sophomoric grounds but this story still caught my eye. The goal, of course, is noble: cheap prophylactics to fight AIDS in the developing world.

Yet that notion appears obscured. Somehow these condoms have got caught up in the "stimulus" plan and job preservation debate; there is a spokesperson for the US manufacturer Alatech rejoicing in the first name of "Fannie"; price, quality and comfort arguments are to the fore; and the US supplier has had some, erm, delivery issues.

But post guffaws and protectionist tendencies this ought, surely, to be a debate measured in lives - and not US (or other) jobs - saved.

Crisis or not, if that goal can't focus minds...

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  1. M.G. // 3/25/2009 01:21:00 PM

    I believe that unemployment in the condoms industry is just created by the recent Pope's condom reckless message and reaffirmed the Roman Catholic Church's opposition to the use of condoms in the fight against AIDS.

  2. RJH Adams // 3/25/2009 05:55:00 PM

    Massimo, I do agree Catholicism's message last week was not what at least one commentator termed "moral leadership" but rather an illustration of the dangers of dogmatism.

    However, perhaps pragmatism will prevail in due course (it usually does, I think) and keep the latex coming. So to speak.

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