Tentatively known by some as the "shit and pin" option, Michael O'Leary confirmed yesterday what many initially thought was only a dirty media smear: the latrine is now a payable "option". Alternatively passengers can opt to pay the "soiling" charge instead:

"We are serious...Most people would go to the loo (toilet) before they get on the plane, or they hold it until they land. You would only have to deal with the people who absolutely have to go" (link)

The announcement came, interestingly enough, as part of Mr O'Leary's presentation of a "rescue plan" for the Irish Tourist industry. Place your bets.

Although rumours of a Frequent Defaecator Club card programme are certainly false (maybe) some wags have suggested other innovative "cutting edge"' improvements to the Ryanair service are also currently easing their way through the management intestinal track and down towards the colon:

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