Ponzi got 14 years. Bernie, 150.

Either the US Justice system knows more than the rest of us about the demographic time bomb threatening pensions or its sentencing system may be a touch detached from reality. That's alot of porridge and a shade more than the 12 his lawyer suggested was "fair".

Some media coverage:

Newsweek - "The Greediest of All Time". Probably the only time Mr Madoff will share space with a Pope whose family clearly had fiscal taxation ideas way ahead of their time:

The Daily Telegraph - even coverage of dodgy UK parliamentarians must bow to Bernie in this slightly unfairly slanted (by title) piece "Ten Top American Fraudsters":

The FT - "Wall Street’s white-collar criminals". Is it comforting to know Ebbers and Skilling are scheduled to get out less than 5 months apart in 2028?

Time - "Top 10 Crooked CEOs" a list that skillfully manages to include a porn star liaison:

And finally, Forbes - "The Longest White-Collar Prison Sentences". If you thought Bernie's 150 was tops disabuse yourself. He's an improbable number 4 some distance behind numero uno Sholam Weiss (currently serving 845 summers).

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