Seems while I was away in Caribbean climes the FSA has itself turned down the volume of the conscious reggae vibe, foresworn the pull(s) of challis, arisen from its lounger and left the beach. Obviously that October "Ghengis" piece was premature.

Conversion to the Genghis Khan School of Market Administration (blind all but one in the village and send this latter fortunate to the next village with the news) is certainly welcome. But it is a long two-way battle.

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  1. "Cassandra" // 3/26/2010 09:49:00 AM

    nice to see you back!! i was wondering where you'd been ! i've had a sore tendon in racquet-shoulder anyway, but is nearly better now!

    you were polite in your FSA blinding analogy (though I suppose that was about the level of the action). In afghanistan, the mujawhatevers were reputed to have done much worse to the russians to similar effect. And these would be my recommendations to the FSA: not a blinding, but a full-on tribal buggering...

  2. Admin // 3/26/2010 10:25:00 AM

    And nice to be back (not exactly a holiday but that's a bar chat) tribal buggering - apparently it made Lawrence a 'man' (and did little for the tribe long term).

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