The Chinese X-Factor

Thursday, November 18, 2010 | | 0 comments »

Sofa inertia recently caught me in front of X-Factor. I have to say if you can't cover Bananarama you should probably go back to the day job.

Came similar thoughts when confronted by this google ad for an "iPad Clone" whilst researching smart phones:

I'm sure Deng Xio Sam cuts a great deal; and it is innovation of a sort most people expect from China (if that is where Sam gets his stock). Thus which idle layman would have expected the results of this piece of research out today from the Dallas Fed:

"...To date, the U.S., Japan and Germany have been the global locomotives of ideas. The landscape is changing, however, with patent filings growing rapidly in the BRIC economies (Chart 1). China’s growth has far outperformed other countries, with a fifteenfold increase in patent filings since 1995. Brazil and India have also performed well, with an estimated four- and sixfold increase in patent filings since 1995."

Full report here. Shame the piece does not cut the patents by type/area.

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