...now comes news of the recall of the French Consul to Hong Kong for, allegedly, stealing expensive burgundy from a restaurant:

"Marc Fonbaustier is accused of hiding two bottles, worth over £4,000, in his suit before exiting the Hong Kong Country Club’s restaurant, the Wine Cellar." (link)

Sensible observers will first wonder about the mark-up of the restaurant - at least provide us with the details of producer, vintage and cru. Then they might wonder if it's a conspiracy - did Beijing not like the chap? Was he onto counterfeit wine labelling? Was it a joke - who seriously attempts fine wine theft by putting a bottle in each of his pants pockets (Maestro, a visual, please)?

We may never know for the Chinese government has demanded his removal; and Monsieur Fonbaustier has reportedly "admitted the facts and paid reimbursement" without, as Le Monde drily notes, specifying exactly what those facts were.

Oh, for a little Wikifuite.

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