Lewis vs Bolt
Bublé vs Sinatra
Palin vs Ryan
HFT Algorithms vs Fat Fingers

The debates rage. Well, at least one of them does (Ed: Bublé? Are you serious?). A comparison:

HFT Algorithms
Fat Fingers
Pro: the word ‘algorithm’ sounds cool. Its derivation from the name of an 8th century Iranian mathematician who failed to anticipate Stuxnet is now forgotten.
Con: uncool phrase. Except for weight loss stocks.
Pro (submitted by various Investor Relations Depts): difficult for punters to understand, lends itself to marketing & shifts focus from content to bells and whistles
Pro: easy for Senate Committees & Parliamentary Inquiries to understand and score partisan points off.
Pro: burgeoning career field for computer programmers
Con: a world where an ”extra zero” is not what you had in mind. At all.
Pro (submitted by GS Legal Dept): rich pickings for lawyers
Pro: rich pickings for comedic material.
Pro (submitted by Citadel LLC): capable of destroying one’s competitors in 10 minutes. Also capable of same for an entire capital market. Which may be regarded by some as a ‘con’.
Pro: unlikely to threaten the capitalist system but nonetheless an innovative way for Governments to lose taxpayers’ money.
Pro: win while you sleep seductiveness
Con: work while you sleep / update your Facebook page issues.

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