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Monday, September 17, 2012 | 1 comments »

Apple vs Samsung (cointegrated spread w/Kalman filter adaptive beta)

Little 'blog-app' for you.

Does it truly not take a genius as Samsung suggest? Can 2 million iPhone 5 pre-orders be wrong?

Apple vs Samsung as a relative value trade consistently shows Apple to be very hard to pick up as a bargain. Roughly four times as hard as it is to purchase Samsung at relative value. The folks out there consuming may love an Apple product. But the folks out there in equity markets love an Apple stock even more.

So Samsung at least comfortably has the measure of its rival when it comes to the buy-leg of pairs trading volume. Will that continue?

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 arriving a full 5 months from now; and the fanaticism of Apple owners (goods and equity) showing no signs of abating one can't help but think the odds are favourable it will.

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  1. maira hedge // 9/18/2012 01:13:00 PM

    well i would go with Samsung. i am a big admirer of this great firm not because of its superb products, but because of its excellent customer service. here is a full history of Samsung, have a look:- Samsung if your product hasn't have the wow factor, but if you are providing good customer service and you care those people who are buying your devices, and from the bottom of your heart you are wanting to give them best in terms of everything. No one can prevent you to sit on the apex of your customers choices; this is exactly what the Samsung does. since many years i have been noticing a constant improvement not only in its (Samsung) products quality but also in customer relations. Samsung makes an unbreakable bond with its users, and i strongly believe this. what do you think ???
    as far as the Galaxy series is concerned so i would say i am in love with this. and Galaxy S3 is not less than what we call an exemplary device/phone.

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