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The stakeholders for marketing automation are a pretty wide bunch of people. You’ve got your marketing team, your CRM team, your website team, and your sales team. Getting all these people together can be a challenge, so here are a few keys to identifying and approaching these stakeholders. This goes without saying, so I keep it simple.


Your e-mail, blog, website, social, mobile, and offline strategists will all need input on your marketing automation tool, so make sure that you include everyone on your team. Integrating to your CRM is a big aspect of marketing automation. If you do not have a CRM tool, you can use one of the many marketing automation tools that have a built-in CRM. If you do have a CRM, you need your CRM admin to be involved at each step. You must have a website if you use marketing automation.


If you do not have a website, take care of getting that first. Your website will usually need to be updated with new forms, landing pages, and some JavaScript added to it. This means that your web admin needs to be involved in conversations so that he or she knows what changes will need to take place and whether these changes are possible with your current technology setup.