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Because marketing automation shows you the keywords that are important to each prospect, you gain the ability to use this information for segmentation, nurturing, and changing your paid search campaigns to match the prospect’s interests. These three main benefits of marketing automation for SEM give you the ability to prove your value, identify where your money should be spent, and increase the sales from your SEM budget.


As a result, you’ll spend less and get more. Keyword reporting is a basic feature in most marketing automation tools. Connecting a search term to a closed deal is very basic, and you can easily set up tracking so that every lead shows a history of search terms that follows the lead all the way to a closed deal in your CRM. This history of search terms leads to reporting closed business and connecting the cause of the business to every search term, piece of content, and web page. These features can easily give you the information you need to prove the return on your investment and take the subjectivity out of SEO. Content marketing is one of the hottest topics within B2B marketing today.


Creating content involves coming up with new content ideas, creating the content, distributing the content, and tracking its impact to your bottom line. Many of these steps are made easier with marketing automation, helping marketers show the value of content marketing in new ways that weren’t possible before.