2020 – A Great Comeback for the Cannabis Economy

Stock market analysts say that the year 2020 is the right time for the US and Canadian Stocks to rise again after its fall last year.

Year 2019 has never been a good year for the cannabis market within North America. Established Canadian licensed producers like the Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis were shut-out by the cannabis operations in the retail markets in Ontario. There are also numbers of cannabis multi-state operators that faced difficulties in dealing with the laws and legislation implemented for the regulation of cannabis.

Stifel, a brokerage and investment bank operating in Missouri, and GMP Capital, a newly acquired affiliate in Canada, are joining force to ‘Buygroups of cannabis stocks. Analysts of these two financing establishment think that they can stand firm on this type of industries and has the ability to deliver major achievements. This can be done through taking the opportunity of utilizing their financial state and competitive advantage in 2020.

Having this, Stifel and GMP can detach itself from the loop brokerage establishments and US banks. The advantage of these assistance coming from these two financing firm is the knowledge of the dynamics of the cannabis economy that is lacking from those banks and other brokerages. Aside from the Stocktrade’s ranking of weed stocks, below are the cannabis companies in which Sitel thinks will make a great performance in the US marketplace.

Cannabis companies to perform best in the US marketplace this 2020

The American multi-state operators do not only have shares in the US but also traded in Canada.

1. Green Thumb Industries

This MSO is expected to come up from the closing rate of $13.25 and able to achieve a price target of about $32 in every share. The earnings of the GTI in the stellar Q3 last November 2019 is up to about 300% with revenue. The revenue booking of the company is gathered from different US states. This revenue is continuously marching to new legislations with an increasing integrated portfolios having firm brands and cultivation products.

2. Curaleaf Holdings

Curaleaf is also expected to swing up its shares from $9.51 and projection price target of $24. Analysts are attracted to the financial state of Curaleaf thus, energizing its ability to penetrate new markets and strengthen its stand. The fortified balance sheet of the company serves as the competitive opportunity to power-up the future value creation. Market shares of Curaleaf have always been increasing since December 2019 when they publicly declared they new non-dilutive financing deal.