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You can easily access many tools for cleaning up your database through online services. The cost of your database cleanup will be a direct reflection of how large your database is and what, specifically, you need cleaned. For the purpose of protecting your sender score, you need to be concerned only with the validity of the email address, not all the information in a record.  If you can’t use an automated tool because of the size of your data or the specific nature of the data needed, you can find consultants or outsourced call centers who can clean your data for you as well as offer data augment services without the need for automated tools.


Hire a consultant with specific industry knowledge to help expedite the process of data collection, cleansing, and augmentation. Hiring a consultant who knows how to use your chosen marketing automation solution would be prudent. Choosing a consultant who is not familiar with your industry is okay if you have to compromise, but do your best to avoid consultants who lack a working knowledge of your marketing automation solution. An outsourced call center is a more expensive option than a consultant, and it tends to take the most time.


This option is generally the best option for companies that need to constantly augment and cleanse data as it comes in. A call center can be tied into the lead qualification stage and manually verify data before that data is passed on to the next stage. The call center can also obtain data via a phone call that cannot be obtained via online interactions.