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Default fields usually represent the bare minimum of information needed to identify a record. It’s highly likely that your marketing automation tool needs a set of default fields to function properly, so you need to connect those fields to the same fields in your CRM system, or create them if your CRM system doesn’t already have them. Start by installing your module into your CRM system.


The module will set up the standard fields that your marketing automation tool needs but which your CRM system does not currently have. After your module is installed to your CRM, you need to go into your marketing automation tool to map your default fields together with your CRM fields. The fields in your CRM and marketing automation tool will have different names at this stage, because the name as it appears to your users is different from the Field ID used by your CRM.


Depending on your marketing automation tool, you may also be able to set up other field parameters during module installation. If the fields you are connecting are drop-down boxes, multi-select boxes, number fields, date fields, or radio buttons, make sure that you also set up these parameters in both your marketing automation tool and your CRM. These field characteristics can require a significant amount of time to set up. More advanced marketing automation tools include features to help expedite this task.