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You may be asking, why Scotland? Well, consider that Scotland is a very small geographic area. Companies that operate in a specific geographic region are just like many businesses that have small addressable markets. These tips should help you see some key points for smaller companies, or those in international markets. They also show you the impact that marketing automation is already having around the world as it becomes an increasingly global trend.


Been fortunate enough to speak with McRae & Company, Scotland’s leading marketing automation experts, and they have a few suggestions for companies just getting started with marketing automation: Tip #1: Ensure that you have executive sponsorship. First and foremost, marketing automation is the business response to the changing behavior of the modern customer. Whereas sales teams were once the gatekeepers of product information, these days the empowered buyer conducts her own research and speaks to a salesperson only when she is ready.


Understanding the selfguided nature of the buyer’s journey is essential to grasping the significance of marketing automation for an entire organization, and it’s imperative that this message be understood from the top. In truth, nothing hinders a marketing automation initiative more than missing executive sponsorship. Without strong leadership, the investment appears inconsequential to many departments, and the necessity for alignment is significantly underplayed.