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Just think of it as having automated emails being opened on a different-sized computer. Speaking of the iPhone, Steve Jobs said something to the effect of, “This isn’t a phone; it’s a computer that can make phone calls.” Think of your mobile strategy in the same light. Consumers are using their phones as devices to access your content, speak with you, or learn more about you.


Marketing automation, through its ability to track every marketing interaction, can help you keep up with your prospects and then automate the correct message at the correct time, helping you to reach your consumers 24/7 with relevant content. This is the real goal of a mobile strategy, and it’s accomplished much easier with marketing automation than with an app strategy. Keyword reporting is a basic feature in most marketing automation tools.


Connecting a search term to a closed deal is very basic, and you can easily set up tracking so that every lead shows a history of search terms that follows the lead all the way to a closed deal in your CRM. This history of search terms leads to reporting closed business and connecting the cause of the business to every search term, piece of content, and web page. These features can easily give you the information you need to prove the return on your investment and take the subjectivity out of SEO.