2004 12 Investing In China Follow Up

The feedback obtained is then used to help refine and curate as well as to prove the value of the content marketing campaigns. ROI reporting allows a marketer to tie revenue back to the content that either influenced or generated the revenue directly. Marketers can therefore prove the value of their more resource-heavy campaigns. Getting into marketing automation is a process, and each step builds upon the ones before it.


So, start small and go slowly. That way, your goals can grow with your tool. Don’t forget, your world isn’t going to stop to let you buy a tool. You will continue to evaluate solutions and take care of your other daily responsibilities as well. So, easing into it will help you keep all your hair. Gartner reports that companies using lead nurturing generate 451 percent more qualified leads than companies who don’t. Although that is an amazing statistic, you shouldn’t expect that you can buy a marketing automation solution today and generate an exponential increase tomorrow.


Marketing automation is a discipline just as any other form of marketing is. It requires a full understanding of the technology, the techniques, and the consumer behaviors that drive higher levels of engagement. Setting clear expectations over time helps you judge your performance and pace your implementation. To set realistic expectations, keep the following ideas in mind.