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Traceable content is any content that can be tracked when your audience engages with it. Tracking a user’s interaction with your content allows follow-up automations to take place. There are many different types of content, including videos, white papers, podcasts, sales sheets, and so on. Treat all content the same to make this process easy. All content that you upload into your marketing automation solution becomes accessible through a URL and traceable back to each person who interacts with the content. You can use your content URLs as links on your website or as links in a tweet on Twitter to promote your latest white paper. Uploading content is as simple as uploading a picture to Facebook.


If the content you want to use exists on a third-party site, your vendor needs to show you how to include that content in your tools with custom redirected URLs. Cleaning up your database is a must to protect your sender score and sending reputation. Your sender score is a numeric grade that spam filters put on your IP address. The higher your score, the better your chances of getting your emails delivered to a person’s email inbox. One of the reasons people obtain a lower score is that they send emails to bad email addresses or spam traps.


If you have been building your database for years, you likely have a large number of both in your database. While you’re preparing your CRM system for marketing automation, it’s a good exercise to clean your database so that your CRM integration starts out with a clean bill of health. You have two good ways to clean a database. One is by using tools to do it yourself; the other is by hiring someone to do it for you.