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The sales team can be the most vocal, so you have to involve them. I suggest that you begin with your highest-ranking sales staff and get them to buy in. It will not be hard if you can easily prove that their staff can cover more ground, get better leads, and close more deals. Do make sure to keep their knowledge focused on only the salesfacing technologies, such as CRM integration and sales enablement, and on what they will need to know and see.


I would not involve them in general demonstrations, but rather have a specific sales demo done by your vendor just for the sales team. Search engine marketing (SEM) combines placing paid ads on search engines with optimizing web content to display organically in search engine results. Connecting marketing automation to your paid search campaigns gives you three main benefits. Closed-loop ROI tracking provides you with the ability to show the closed revenue each keyword brings in over a period of time.


With marketing automation, closed-loop ROI tracking tracks every lead, giving you the ability to attach each keyword to a prospect record and continue to follow the lead until it is a closed opportunity in the CRM. You see the full closed loop and therefore know where each lead came from and the revenue it brought in, which in turn enables you to prove the value of each marketing channel.