Rebuilding The Economy

The world economy is encountering an erosion of globalization. The ties of monetary and business opportunities over the world is wearing away creating more bigger holes in it. Globalization is multidimensional, it is not only limited to International trade but more than that. Yet we focus more on trade. We forget to think that what matters for mankind is the quality and not the quantity.  The good qualities that should come with Globalization is fading.

People around the world want to live in peace. They make there life meaningful by making a modest living. People find contentment when they are able to bring their children to school, provide for their families and secure their future financially. This is the dream of every family globally. This dream of every family globally has become a reality for the majority, mostly because of the good economy. But so much has changed and this goal has crumbled down for many during this pandemic. It has placed many economies at the brink of collapse. It has affected trade and commerce across the world. We became very vulnerable to this crisis. This problem is global and common to almost everyone around the world. These can be resolved by a strong will in Global Cooperative Action.